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CCIE Data Center Certification and Training

CCIE Data Center Certification v3.0 is the highest and most prestigious certification from Cisco. It ranks No. 1 in the 10 Most Difficult IT Certifications list, and is highly-valued worldwide. A CCIE certified individual is an elite title in the field of network engineering, proving their mastery in their domain of Cisco networking. The CCIE Data Center Certified experts have the knowledge and skills required to architect, engineer, implement, troubleshoot, and support data center technologies using the latest methods.

The CCIE Data Center program is designed to include focus on Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity, fabric infrastructure, storage networking and computing, network services, and automation and orchestration. The quality of the program, the testing methods, and the relevance of this certification enhances its value. At IP Rulers, the classes are facilitated by CCIE Data Center certified and experienced instructors, and students will be exposed to the latest equipments. With grouped as well as one-to-one classes and online tutorials that could be scheduled for weekdays or weekends in accordance to the students’ choice, IP Rulers is fast becoming a leading name in Dubai, UAE in achieving high-value Cisco Certification with a significant pass rate on the first attempt.

Course Details

CCIE Data Center v3.0 certification is the avatar of core knowledge and practical skills in the management of the most complex scenarios of the entire IT Data Center of a network lifecycle (Designing, Deploying, Operating & Optimizing). IP Rulers provide CCIE Data Center v3.0 training just as per the course described by the Cisco Data Center Certification blueprint.

The new method adapted for CCIE Exam is given below, which have vital parts known as Design, Deploy, Operate & Optimize.

The CCIE Data Center certification is achieved with two exams:



350-601 DCCOR: Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies

The 120-minute, Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies v1.0 (DCCOR 350-601) exam is associated with the CCNP Data Center, Cisco Certified Specialist (with core subject Data Center), and CCIE Data Center Certifications. It tests a candidate’s knowledge of data center infrastructure including network, compute, storage network, automation, and security. Clearing this exam gives a Specialist Certification, so as to recognize all accomplishments of the candidate.


CCIE Data Center v3.0 Lab Exam

The 8-hour Cisco CCIE Data Center (v3.0) Practical Exam is a hands-on exam that requires a candidate to plan, design, deploy, operate, and optimize network security solutions according to the given scenarios.

CCIE Lab Exam summary

CCIE lab exam has two modules. Module 1 will be a 3-hour, scenario-based session, which will discuss the Design part. Module 2 will be a 5-hour session to discuss Deploy, Operate & Optimize parts of the exam.

CCIE Exam Score Evaluation :

Candidates who score higher than the aggregated pass score of both modules and also higher than the minimum score set on each individual module, clear the exam.

Target Audience:

  • Network engineers attempting the core exam – (DCCOR 350- 601)
  • Network engineers who have five to seven years of professional experience in designing, deploying, operating and optimizing data center technologies.
  • Network designers who design and support complex data center technologies and topologies.
  • Network engineers who use an expert-level problem-solving process (including options analysis) to support complex network technologies and topologies.
  • IT students and professionals seeking strong expertise in the subject and an internationally recognized qualification in the same for prospective jobs.
  • Candidates with CCNP Data Center Certification, moving on to expert levels.
  • Aspirants in the following job profiles:
    • Network Designer
    • Network Administrator
    • Consulting Systems Engineer
    • Technical Solutions Architect
    • Network Manager
    • Cisco Integrators and partners


  • The CCIE Data Center does not require any particular qualification for attendance of the course. However, comprehensive knowledge of the subjects is necessary for attending the examinations.
  • Five to seven years’ experience in networking field, especially in designing, deploying, operating and optimizing data center technologies will be an advantage to attempt the CCIE examination.

Course outline

1.1 Layer 2 technologies
  • Link Aggregation
  • vPC
  • PortChannel
  • Tagging/Trunking
  • Static Path binding
  • Spanning Tree Protocol
  • PVST
  • MST
1.2 Routing Protocols and features
  • OSPF (v2 and v3)
  • Authentication
  • Adjacencies
  • Network types and Area Types
  • LSA Types
  • Route Aggregation/Summarization
  • Route Redistribution
  • ISIS
  • Adjacencies
  • Single area, single topology
  • Network types, Levels and Router types
  • NSAP addressing
  • Point-to-point, broadcast
  • BGP
  • Path Selection
  • External and Internal Peering
  • Route reflectors and Route Server
  • Peer Templates
  • Multi-Hop EBGP
  • Route Aggregation/Summarization
  • Route Redistribution
  • BFD
  • FHRP
1.3 Multicast protocols
  •  PIM
  •  Sparse Mode
  • BiDir
  •  Static RP, BSR, AutoRP, PhantomRP
  • IPv4 PIM Anycast
  • IPv4 Anycast RP using MSDP
  •  IGMP
  •  IGMPv2, IGMPv3
  •  IGMP Snooping
  •  IGMP Querier

2.1 Physical fabric components
  • Fabric Discovery
  • Controllers/Network Managers
  • Switches
2.2 Fabric policies
  • Access Policies
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Monitoring Policies
2.3 Tenant Policies
  •  Application profiles and EPGs
  •  Networking
  •  Security
2.4 Fabric Monitoring
  •  Faults
  •  Events
  •  Health indicators
  •  Audit Logs
2.5 Virtual Networking
  •  vSphere VDS

3.1 VRF lite
3.2 L3Out
  • OSPF
  •  Authentication
  •  Adjacencies
  •  Network types and Area Types
  •  Route Redistribution
  •  BGP
  •  AS manipulation
  •  External and Internal Peering
  •  Route reflectors
  •  Route Redistribution
  • Transit Routing
3.3 Inter Fabric connectivity
  •  Multi-Pod
  •  Multi-Site
  • Virtual POD
  • remote Leaf
3.4 Overlays

4.1 Compute Resources
  •  UCSM Policies, Profiles and Templates
  •  Hyperflex
4.2 Compute Connectivity
  • SAN/LAN uplinks
  •  Rack server integration
  •  Port Modes


5.1 FC and FCoE
  • Zoning
  •  Trunking
  • Portchannel
  •  Load Balancing
5.2 iSCSI
  • Authentication
  •  Multipathing
5.3 RoCE v2 over IP Networks

6.1 Security features
  •  ACL's
  • First Hop Security
  •  Port security
  •  Private VLANs
  •  Contracts
6.2 RBAC
  •  Radius
  •  TACACS+
  •  LDAP
  • AAA
6.3 Network Services Insertion and Redirection
  •  Policy Based Routing
  •  Policy Based Redirection
  •  Inter VRF communication
  •  Route Targets
  • Prefix Lists
6.4 Services
  • Flow/Telemetry Export
  •  SPAN
  •  SNMP
  •  Syslog
  •  DHCP
  •  NTP/PTP
6.5 Traffic management
  • Queueing
  •  Policing
  •  Classification/Marking
  •  Scheduling
  •  CoPP

7.1 Data center tasks using scripts (Python and Ansible)
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete using RESTful APIs
  • Deploy and modify configurations
  • Statistics, Data Collection
7.2 Data Center Automation and Orchestration using tools
  • DCNM
  • UCSD
  •  Tasks
  •  Workflows
  •  Catalog
  • Intersight
  • CloudCenter Suite
  •  Applications
  • Deployments
  • Action Orchest

Lab Infrastructure

IP Rulers  has a fully equipped lab, specially designed for the CCIE Data Center training, with an enhanced lab topology that represent real world network. Students will have the following equipment and software configured for their training; they may also get the chance to see newer hardware and software during this period.

Equipment and Software list

Lab Equipment

  • APIC cluster
  • Nexus 9336 ACI Spine Switch
  • Nexus 9332 ACI Spine Switch
  • Nexus 9372 Switch
  • Nexus 93180 Switch
  • Nexus 93108 Switch
  • Nexus 7004 Switch
    • Supervisor 2 Enhanced
    • 48-Port 10-Gb Ethernet SFP/SFP+ (F3 module)
  • Nexus 5672 Switch
  • Nexus 2348 Fabric Extender
  • UCS C220 M4 Series Rack Server
    • Virtual interface card (VIC) for C-Series
  • UCS-6248 Fabric Interconnect
  • UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis
    • B200 M4 Blade Server
    • Cisco Virtual Interface Card
    • VIC 1340
  • Dual Attached JBOD
  • Cisco Catalyst 3750 Switch
  • Cisco 2911/K9 terminal Server
  • Cisco HyperFlex HX220c M5


  • Cisco NX-OS v8.x on Nexus 7000 switches
  • Cisco NX-OS v7.x on Nexus 5000 switches
  • Cisco NX-OS v9.x on Nexus 9000 switches
  • Cisco UCS Manager Release 4.x Fabric Interconnect
  • Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller 4.x
  • Cisco Data Center Network Manager 11
  • Cisco Integrated Management Controller 4.x
  • Cisco UCS Director 6.x
  • Cisco Hyperflex version 4.x
  • ACI Multi-site Software version 2.x

Trainer's Profile

IP Rulers is managed by an expert team of trainers with over ten years’ experience in the industry and in hands-on training.
All the trainers have multiple CCIEs in their respective areas of interest.
Individual trainers’ profiles can be provided upon request by email, along with demos and LinkedIn profiles.
Online and classroom demos are also available upon request.

Training Schedule

IP Rulers has a training schedule that can suit anyone, whether it be in groups or one-on-one, classroom-based or online or onsite corporate training, on weekdays or weekends. Each course has a duration of 120 hours. For more information, please consult training coordinators.

CCIE -Training Schedule


Weekdays (Mon - Fri)

Weekend (Sat - Sun)


Classroom / Online

Classroom / Online


120 Hours

120 Hours


2 Month

3 Month



Training Type



20 March 2023


Classroom / Online

Weekdays (Mon-Fri)

25 March 2023


Classroom / Online

Weekend (Sat-Sun)


Job roles of elite executives in the fast-paced world of Enterprise network .
Industry-level knowledge and direct experience in implementation of core Cisco enterprise infrastructure solutions.
Ability to recognize customer requirements and support proposed solutions.
Enhanced job opportunities with sky-high career growth, coupled with respectable compensations.
Expertise in all stages of implementing complex networking solutions – from creation and analysis, to operation and optimization.
Essential skills in networking automation and network programmability in the fast-changing world of technology.
Specialist Certification for clearing the qualifying exam.
Authority to link the CCIE Certification Badge to all social media profiles.


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