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Windows Server Administration 2019

IP Ruler’s one of the hot course -Windows Server Administration 2019 improve your credibility and increase your value becoming scholarly in Administrating Windows Server 2019 operating system. During this course you will learn advanced skills for configuring and maintaining Windows Server2019. Through a mix of lecture and hands-on labs, you will be able configure and implement Windows Server 2019 features that build a foundation for a truly scalable infrastructure, and this course from IP Rulers to discuss when and where these features have the greatest effect. It is designed for professionals who will be responsible for managing identity, networking, storage and compute by using Windows Server 2019, and who need to understand the scenarios, requirements, and options that are available and applicable to Windows Server 2019. The course teaches IT professionals the fundamental administration skills required to deploy and support Windows Server 2019 in most organizations. Attend this course to deepen your understanding of Windows Server and learn how its advanced features and controls can benefit your organization. You will also get intensive hands-on training that focuses on installing, configuring, and managing and securing this OS. During this course you will be prepared to administer a Microsoft Server OS based operating & infrastructure for an organization of any size.

From IP Rulers best practices to provide a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility that can accelerate the transformation to server based computing. IP Rulers is the new face of windows based  Certification and Training in Dubai, UAE, which provides both online and classroom-based training in the latest cutting-edge technologies in the IT infrastructure security and networking portfolio. With grouped as well as one-to-one classes and online tutorials that could be scheduled for weekdays or weekends in accordance to the students’ choice, IP Rulers is fast becoming a leading name in Dubai for IT certifications.

Course Details

This course is intended for Information Technology (IT) Professionals who have some experiencing working with Windows Server and are looking for a course that covers 2019 Windows Server core administration components and technologies. This course also helps server administrators from previous Windows Server versions to update their knowledge and skills related to Windows Server 2019. Additionally, this course can help individuals looking for preparation materials to pass exams related to Windows Server.

Target Audience:

This Microsoft training designed for systems administrators with at least a year of experience with Microsoft servers and experienced systems administrators looking to validate their Microsoft skills.

New or aspiring systems administrators: A good overview of what you need to support with Windows Server and learn more about how servers’ function.

Experienced systems administrators: Refresh your knowledge of server roles, virtual machines, Active Directory, and introduce you to all the new features in Server 2019.

  • System administrator
  • Professionals in the IT and related technologies sector
  • Network support technician
  • Help desk Engineers
  • IT students and graduates


Before taking the course, candidates should be familiar with

  • Basic computer literacy
  • Basic PC operating system navigation skills
  • Basic Internet usage skills
  • Basic IP address knowledge

Course outline

  • Networking Concepts
  • Basic Network Components
  • Network Topologies & Devices
  • IP Addressing & Sub-networks
  • Logical Topologies, Peer to peer & Domain Models

  • History of server OS
  • Introduction to windows server 2019
  • Features of windows server 2019
  • Installation of windows server 2019
  • Installation of Windows Server Core 2019
  • Basic Commands of Server Core
  • Installation, Managing & Uninstalling Server Core
  • Remote Management of server core
  • Migrating Server workloads
  • Installation of Windows 10

  • Configuring Member Servers and Clients.
  • Creating Users in AD-DS
  • User Logon policies
  • Password policies
  • Account Lockout policies
  • User properties
  • Types of Profiles
  • Local, Roaming and Mandatory Profiles

  • Introduction to Storage spaces and Storage Pools
  • Configuring Simple Volume (RAID – 0)
  • Configuring Mirror Volume (RAID – 1)
  • Configuring Parity Volume (RAID – 5)
  • Implementing storage solutions in Windows Server
  • Implementing Data Deduplication
  • Configuring iSCSI storage
  • Configuring redundant storage spaces
  • Implementing Storage Spaces Direct
  • Configuring iSCSI Target and Initiator

  • File Systems
  • Security and Sharing Permissions - Folders & Files
  • Access Based Enumeration
  • Offline Folders
  • Shadow Copies
  • Home Folder
  • Configuring Quotas using FSRM
  • Implementing File Screening using FSRM
  • Configuring Storage Reports Management
  • Introduction to Distributed File System

  • Configuring ADC
  • Forest Structure
  • Tree Structure - Child Domain
  • Roles of AD – DS
  • Transferring of Roles
  • Seizing of Roles

  • Introduction to Read-Only Domain Controller
  • Sites and Global Catalog
  • Replication between the Domain Controllers
  • Active Directory Partitions & Concepts

  • Introduction to Trust Relationship
  • Categories, Directions & Types of Trusts
  • Functional Levels
  • Authentication protocols
  • Configuring Forest Trusts between 2016 Forests
  • Active Directory Recycle Bin

  • Introduction to Administer Group Policy
  • Group Policy Overview
  • Configuring Group Policy Objects
  • Deploying and Troubleshooting Group Policy Objects
  • Managing Group Policy Objects
  • Group Policy Best Practices

  • Introduction and Configuration of DHCP Server
  • DHCP Client Configuration
  • creating scopes
  • Reservations
  • Configuring DHCP Failover
  • DHCP Backup

  • Internet Basics, Host & LM Host Files
  • DNS Naming Hierarchy
  • Lookup Zones – Forward and Reverse lookup Zones
  • Types of Zones – Primary, Secondary & Stub zone
  • Resource Records, Integration with ADS, SRV Records
  • Forwarders, Dynamic Updates

  • Introduction & Configuration of WDS Server
  • Attended & Unattended Installation

  • Installation of Hyper – V
  • Configuring Virtual Machine
  • Configuring Virtual Networks
  • Configuring Virtual Hard disks
  • Configuring Hyper-V Replica
  • Configuring Failover on Hyper-V Virtual Machines

  • Introduction to PowerShell
  • PowerShell Basics
  • PowerShell Tools and Resources
  • System Insights

  • Windows Server Backup
  • System state backup & restoration
  • Overview of AD-FS, LDS, RMS, CS
  • Configuring NLB cluster

Trainer's Profile

IP Rulers is managed by an expert team of trainers with over ten years’ experience in the industry and in hands-on training.
All the trainers have multiple certifications in their respective areas of interest.
Individual trainers’ profiles can be provided upon request by email, along with demos and LinkedIn profiles.
Online and classroom demos are also available upon request

Training Schedule

Windows Server 2019  Training


Weekdays (Sun - Thu)

Weekend (Fri - Sat)


Classroom / Online

Classroom / Online


40 Hours

40 Hours


1 Month

1 Month



Training Type



4 Jun 2023

Server 2019  

Classroom / Online

Weekdays (Sun-Thu)

9 Jun 2023

Server 2019  

Classroom / Online

Weekend (Fri-Sat)


After completing this training;

  • Advance candidate knowledge to plan and install a Windows Server 2019
  • Set up AD, set group policies, and be able to use Hyper-V and containers.
  • Step into higher-level system administrator roles

MCSA certified candidates will have employment opportunities with the following job titles:

  • Level 1/2 System Engineer
  • Level 1/2 System Administrator
  • Level 1/2 System Support
  • Level 1/2 System Consultant
  • Level 1/2 Technical Consultant


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