Integration and Configuration Avaya IP Office R11 Platform


Integration and Configuration Avaya IP Office R11 Platform

Integrating & Configuring Avaya IP Office R11 Platform is one of the flagship courses in VoIP roadmap in IP Rulers Avaya IP Telephony portfolio. This course is designed for individuals responsible for implementing, customizing and administering an Avaya IP Office Platform solution. This course is recommended for knowledge seekers of Avaya IP office solutions & also for students preparing to take the ACIS-7720, the Avaya IP Office Platform Basic Integration and Configuration Exam (77200X) is a requirement to earn the ACIS – Avaya IP Office Platform credential. It will provide a deeper understanding of each service across R11 platform of Avaya IP office, allowing VoIP Administrators to take requests for infrastructure services, applications and its environments. After completing the course, candidates will also be able to be responsible for Integrating Configuring & Administering Avaya IP office R11 platform based customer engagement solutions. From Expert trainers of IP Rulers you will acquire a thorough knowledge in deep understanding of IP Office Platform – its features, and components.

Key objectives for this offer include the ability to:

  • Identify configuration settings using the IP Office Manager.
  • Identify the IP500v2 hardware and software components.
  • Identify the IP Office 500v2 Editions and the different Server Editions.
  • Identify the installation and ignition process for Server Edition.
  • Utilize the Web Management for Server Edition.
  • Access Manager, Voicemail Pro Application, and One-X Server using Web Management.
  • Configure settings for users, hunt groups and trunks.
  • Identify installation requirements for IP Office applications.
    • Hardware, software and licensing requirements.
    • IP Office Manager Settings, including offline configuration.
  • Describe the VoIP basic functionality.
  • Configure SIP and IP Endpoints.
  • Utilize System Security and the different access levels.
  • Identify the use of System Alarms.
  • Explain different monitoring and analysis methods using System Status Application (SSA) and Monitoring for trouble shooting.
  • Describe the use of the Application Server.
  • Identify the basic features of VoiceMail / VoiceMail Pro.
  • Configure Call Flow in the Voicemail Pro.
  • Summarize the functionality of one-X Portal.
Target Audience
  • IT  Engineers who aims to become Avaya VoIP Administrators
  • Candidates  preparing for Avaya 77200X exam
  • IT professionals  who works  on Integrating  Avaya  IP Office 500v2 & Server Edition
  • Also intended for people who works with IP Telephony solutions and services.
  • Candidates who are looking to validate their knowledge level in Avaya Collaboration solutions.
  • Individuals involved in selling or purchasing Avaya solutions and services.
  • IT managers, Program managers, IT Administrator or System Administrators, who likes to enhance their knowledge in Avaya Collaboration Solutions.


  • Basic knowledge of Voice over IP (VOIP) technology.
  • Basic knowledge of Session Internet Protocol (SIP)
  • Expertise skills in Avaya IP office R11 platform in IP Telephony concepts
  • Ability to recognize customer requirements and implement proposed solutions of Avaya IP office Server edition & IPO 500v2.
  • Enhanced job opportunities related with collaboration services available with Avaya
  • You will be able to demonstrate a strong knowledge of VoIP concep

Aravind C P

Senior Technical Instructor

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

Arvaind, a CCIE Certified professional has been working for different IT companies over the last 8 years. Currently, he works for IPRULERS delivering training and consulting their students in obtaining CCNP & CCIE Certifications.


50 Hours



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Course Curriculam

  • IP Office System Components
  • Telephone Overview
  • Startup
  • IP Office Manager
  • IP Office 500v2 Upgrade
  • IP Office 500v2 Licensing
  • SD-Card Embedded File Management
  • System SD-Card Backup and Restore
  • Server Edition Introduction
  • Server Edition Select Mode
  • Installation Requirements
  • Installing a Server Edition
  • Web Management
  • Manager, Server Edition Mode
  • Server Edition Licensing and WebLM update
  • Resilience (WebRTC Resiliency), Backup, Restore and Upgrade
  • Cloud Operations Manager
  • Introduction
  • Configuration Wizard
  • Availability of Wizard tasks for IP Office modes
  • Basic System Settings
  • Time Profiles
  • Extensions and Users
  • Avaya Equinox Client
  • Hunt Groups
  • Short Codes
  • Lines and Trunks
  • Outgoing Call Routing and Alternate Route Selection (ARS)
  • Incoming Call Routes
  • Agents and Hot Desking
  • User Rights and Templates
  • Mobility Call Control and one-X Mobile
  • Offline Configuration
  • SoftConsole / Receptionist
  • One-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office
  • Avaya IP Office Web Client
  • System Status Application (SSA)
  • Security Administration
  • System Alarms
  • VoIP Endpoints
  • Operation of Avaya IP Phones
  • Creating IP Extensions and Users
  • Configuring SIP Terminals
  • Configuring SIP Trunks
  • Monitoring
  • Feature Comparison
  • Configuring IP Office
  • Embedded Voicemail
  • Voicemail Pro (for Windows)
  • Announcements
  • Unified Communication Module (UCM)
  • Application Server Overview
  • VoiceMail Pro Interface
  • Structure and Sequence of Call Flows
  • Settings for Users and Groups
  • Importing call flows
  • Actions, Variables & Conditions
  • Call Flows and Auto Attendants
  • one-X Portal
  • one-X Portal Conferencing
  • Session Boarder Controller (SBC)
  • Integrated Contact Reporter
  • IP Office Contact Center (IPOCC)

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“Mr. Gigi Vikraman has been very supportive and amazing person. His way of teaching is completely a different style than others where the one who get in depth knowledge about the products. If anyone dream the lucky number, I recommend Gigi.”

Dileep NR

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“It was a great journey with IP Rulers for learning CCNP Enterprise. From the best guidance of Gigi Vikraman Sir, he is very helpful with exceptional teaching skill and he even make every complex topic very easy to understand which is really amazing. Thanks a lot.”

Akhil PJ

CCNP Enterprise

“This was one of the best Network training I have ever attended. The Institute, materials & facilitation was excellent. I recommend this training & Institute to all Network engineers who interested in seeing real progress in their professional carrier.
Thank you again IP Rulers.”

Priji Soman

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