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Training Methodology

Classroom-based Training

Go old-school. Make friends and have fun, just like elementary grades. Follow lectures, turn in assignments and appear for exams in campus-style!

Online Training

Sit in the comfort of your home as you move through the course. Instructors will guide you in predetermined sessions. Hundreds of supporting videos available, in case you want to outshine yourself.

Corporate Training

Lectures and hands-on training for office employees, in the comfort of their own office. Sponsored by employers to push up their employees above the market competence.

One-on-One Training

An instructor will train you in private – without any external intrusion. Ideal if you want to progress on your own. Schedule your classes according to your own timeline as you advance, without disruption to your daily routine.

Fast Track Training

No time to follow regular class timeline? Go fast track – speed through the course, whether it be alone, or online, in groups, on an accelerated timescale, to give the icing on the cake.

Private Group Training

You and your friends like to be together in a class, but without any outsiders? You’ve got it! Feel as if you have hired your own instructor. A way to combat shyness, with the comfort your friend-circle.

Job Oriented Training

Lectures for groups of classes or office-employees, on predefined subjects. Hone your specific skills to razor sharpness, which were inadequate to make your next career move.

School Training

Fun-oriented training for students interested in the technology field, through sessions conducted at their schools. Provides a basic knowledge, enough to agitate their hidden potential and talents within them. Churn out future CCIEs!

Project Handover

Tailored training for the IT department of the clients, provided at the time of receiving completed IT projects from their solution providers. Helps ease the day-to-day activities and maintenance of the received products and avoid frequent queries back to the provider.

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